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ecommerce marketing audit

Customer-focused Digital Marketing Strategies for
Your Sustainable Ecommerce Brand​

Are you struggling with?...

… optimising your website for conversions?

… scaling your ecommerce business and don’t know where to start?

… understanding who your customers are, what they expect to get from you, and how to delight them?

… building a community of customers who support your brand purpose and empowering them to make a change?

… tracking your business cost and increasing business efficiency?

… identifying opportunities to scale and grow your business through the right channel?

… doing ecommerce SEO and increasing your business presence on search engines?

… taking advantage of email marketing to enhance customer experience, retain customers, and build loyalty?

… choosing the right ecommerce tool that suits your business and helps you achieve your goal?

… finding an experienced ecommerce partner who understands ecommerce inside and out, is easy to work with, and is as passionate about your business as you are?

If so, we should talk.

Ecommerce Marketing Audit

My goal and passion are to help sustainable ecommerce brands leverage technologies and digital marketing to create brand awareness, boost revenue, increase retention, and build a community of loyal brand advocates. I believe in brands that strive to make the world a better place.

I’ll dig deep into your ecommerce platform (Shopify, BigCommerce, or whatever you’re using), Klaviyo, Google Analytics, Meta, and all your marketing activities. Evaluate whether your marketing efforts are working and what opportunities you can use to increase your revenue performance.

"Lavender is an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s got an unwavering passion for all things e-commerce and has proven to be a forward thinker, taking initiative where needed and never settling for mediocracy. Lavender is constantly hungry to learn and optimise the e-commerce space. She is a savvy self-starter who would be an asset to any team."

Jasmine Forcadilla, Practice Manager at Your Physio Advantage


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